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#BossDay- She-E-Os Tell All: Tips, Dos and Dont’s of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

#Boss: The She-E-O Built On Self Success

This is beginning to be my favorite non-official holiday thus far. Boss day was founded in 1958 by Patricia Bays Haroski, to give thanks and honor her boss’s effort at the State Farm office where she worked. It wasn’t until 1962 however, that this non-official holiday became official. Due to the backing of Illinois Governor, Otto Kerner, Boss’s Day has had a long streak of observances here in the United States, as well as, Australia, India, and South Africa.

While words, concepts, and norms change over time, being a #BOSS has changed as well.

The rest of the world might be celebrating their traditional 9 to 5 boss, here in the Power Room, we are observing a different kind of boss (like the one Rick Ross raps about). Entrepreneurship, self-awareness, getting $hit done is the new kind of boss and women are nothing short on boss moves.

Now more than ever women of all ages and backgrounds are leading entrepreneurship in ways we could have never thought possible as women. There are 114 percent more women entrepreneurs today than we had two centuries ago and women own 40 percent of business here in the U.S. AND THAT’S ON POWER MOVES!

From not having any rights to having the right to vote, work, and choose what we do with our bodies; this is yet another accomplishment we ladies should be proud of.

Here’s a debate that now occurs with the rise of entrepreneurship among women, thinking that if a woman remains at her 9 to 5 that she is less of a boss than the next hustler. FALSE. 9 to 5 women, stay at home women and all women are bosses and are winning. PERIOD. What makes a Boss isn’t whether or not she answers to someone else, but her ability to get $hit done and do it well, in her own way. There is enough divide between us women without the constant need to tear our own down due to occupational status.

Politics and music however are not the only place where women have started to reject this idea of competition over collaboration. While interning pre-Covid, much to my surprise, many of the other lady interns were all about collaborating with one another, as well as, provide emotional support when needed. Because of this, my experience as an intern focused mostly on truly learning and connecting, rather than a hostile work environment that could have totally ruined that experience.

And yes! We still check up on each other to this day and they were totally supportive when it came to launching this blog. As previously written by Candace Okin in Living Over Existing, “ Ladies, it’s tough enough out here being a superwoman, there are certainly enough people who say we can’t, WE NEED EACH OTHER! Moreover, Who knows more about our struggles than us?” And truly I ask, who does?

I reached out to 16 amazing entrepreneurs this week to get tea and skinny about entrepreneurship from Miami, Florida all the way to Europe, here are some tips and do’s and don’ts these bosses had to share with Power Room:

Rhoda Boateng, House of Blue Collections


I make and sell African inspired jewelry!


- Do what your heart calls you to do. You owe that to yourself and nobody else

- Do not be discouraged when you do not see progress at first. Keep investing in yourself and success will meet you halfway.

- Be enthusiastic about your business and knowledgeable about your brand. Because nobody  knows your brand better than you do.

- Be your own cheerleader 24/7. Because there will be times when you feel you are on your own 


- Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is the destroyer of dreams.

- Don’t let money be the only goal you want to start a business. Focus on the quality of your business rather than quantity. Because quality is what is going to bring you the money. 

- Don’t be afraid. 

Ashley Michele, PIMHair


I’m a Licensed Professional Hairstylist who finds inspiration in helping other women realize their outside and inside beauty. Outside beauty is what gets us through the door, but my mission is to reinforce that being yourself and staying true to who you are is what keeps you in the room.

The best advice I could give any new entrepreneur is to start and don’t stop. Don’t be afraid to fail. The only time you truly take a loss is by not starting or giving up. Jump in and just keep going, keep learning, keep researching as you go; and when you feel uninspired or like giving up, take a break. You’re human. Just don’t quit.

Yasmina Benslimane, Politics4her


Empowering women’s voices while breaking stereotypes, helping them stay informed and encouraging them to at actively participate in civil society.

Just do it, don’t overthink it. Don’t listen to that little voice that tells you “you can’t do it”. Believe in your potential, as it is infinite.

Aminnah & Alexandria, No DAYZ AWF.

@nodayzawf @aminnahsarah @thealexandria

We are a visionary organization that seeks to provide inspiration for women and children in search of their purpose. Not only do we provide inspiration, we provide resources, services and connection. We believe every day is a day to grow and get closer to fulfilling your purpose!

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. always be authentic and listen to your inner self.

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. allow yourself to be great.

Trust the process!

Gabriela Collazo, Gabby Collazo


My brand is all about being fully and completely yourself. Standing strong in your truth and bringing your own beautiful uniqueness to this beautiful home we call Earth.

Read! Start reading all of the self development books you can get your hands on. Your business is an extension of yourself, self development is key to a successful business. Reach out to successful people who are doing what you would like to be doing and ask questions! Pick their brains and focus on their mindset, then apply those findings to yourself.

Keria Jones, T’KAJ Beauty

@thekeriaj @tkajbeauty

I am the owner of a beauty business by the name of T’KAJ Beauty, where “We offer more than just beauty.” I offer the services: mink eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, and full-face makeup application!

The advice that I have for new and upcoming entrepreneurs is to stay consistent and don’t let others success define your own. Your business is not a race, so it doesn’t matter who reaches the top first! You’ll get there too!

Leslie Elvir, Piknik Stories


My business is creating luxurious picnics for all occasions you can think of in South Florida. It is not your ordinary picnic we try our best to make picnic events memorable by picking a beautiful location and making you feel like you are at the fanciest restaurant in town but this fancy restaurant is just you & your loved ones. Our goal is to make our clients experience something they never experience before!

The advice I give future entrepreneurs is, to stay focus. Understand that your business will have it’s ups & downs but in the long run.. it will all be worth it. Do what you love! You will see who really loves & supports you. Just focus 🤍

Shirley Metellus, shirSLAY


My brand is to showcase makeup art in a whole new innovative way! Creative makeup is extremely difficult to do and I’m so grateful to be blessed with the talent to do so. Also, I do client work which is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and show off my more wearable art I don’t do on myself as much.

Ashley Prophete, Realtor


My brand is about living life on your own terms. I got into real estate because of the freedom that I have to create my own schedule. I’m not on anyone’s clock, but my own and it’s the best feeling ever.

My advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is that having faith is key. You will face many trials and tribulations, but you have to understand with any business these things can happen. Do: set up business hours because if not, people will not respect your time. Don’t : don’t tell people your next move because not everyone is happy for you. Lastly, celebrate your wins many will see it as bragging... but, trust me they don’t know how hard you work to get there.

Tereda Mays, 7Glam


7Glam: HairBundles, Eyelashes, Accessories, and More.

7Glam is the vibe you have been searching for. Our goal is to help individuals find confidence by enhancing their natural beauty - The most subtle lash enhancement, makeup application or changes to your skincare routine can make all the difference.

When you look great - your confidence will shine.

  • In business you have to believe in yourself and work hard when it comes to your brand.

  • You will have good and bad days but trust the process

  • Always remember you can not cheat the hustle you really do get what you give.  Hard work does pay off So stay focused and keep yourself motivated.

Life is way too short to be anything but glamorous

Kristy Galarza, Alamar Cosmetics (Social Media and Influencer Relation Manager)


Alamar Cosmetics is a Latina owned and operated brand based in Miami, FL! Founded by Gabriela Trujillo, who has 10 years of experience in the Beauty industry. We believe in Celebrating Culture through Cosmetics and we do that by ensuring all our products are inclusive from the blushes to glosses, all of our products keep complexion at their core.

My biggest advice is to network & never stop learning! Social media is an industry that is constantly evolving and you always need to be on top of the latest trends! Do your research on the brand or industry you want to work in & apply for an internship to gain hands on experience. I started off as a social media intern, then moved to social media coordinator, & now I’m the social media & influencer relations manager. Don’t give up!

Khaja Johnson, Karizma Dancers

A More Positive You

@khaja.j @amorepositive_you

Karizma Dancers : A group of cultured, well-equipped professional dancers delivering genuine vibes and ground breaking performances.

A More Positive You : A life coaching program written and delivered by Life Coach Khaja J, that implements cultivating and progressing one’s dreams, personal accomplishments, and ambitions onto an exponential road to success.

Just do it. Whatever you want to do just do it. I guarantee you’ll feel much better.

Pheda Louis, Dope Hair Care

@Dope.Hair.Care @TheHoodGotPhe

Natural Hair Care

my advice to business owners is to take your time to make your business perfect to you and it is very much okay to ask for help. Closed mouths don’t get fed!

Baina Romulus, Nene Naild it


My business is about making women feel good doing nails allows me to see how happy women are about whats on their hand its more than just nails. Getting them done is part of allowing women to feel beautiful & raw ! I know for a fact when any female gets their nails done they feel like the baddest bitch and they have every right to feel that way !

As a entrepreneur I can definitely tell you its not easy and there will be days that you want to give up especially when you first start but you gotta keep going ! Keep grinding and believe in yourself. Its easy to lose faith being an entrepreneur thinking u can't do this or that but YOU CAN ! Even if it takes time YOU CAN! Don’t sell yourself short. Trust the process!

Francia Villanueva


Liberty City Liquors-24/7 liquor store offering delivery through UberEats & GrubHub

Chicagoan Bar- your neighborhood bar! $2 Happy Hour 8am-12pm, $5 Happy Hour 6pm-11pm

My advice to every entrepreneur/business owner is listen to your customers needs and adjust accordingly. Be innovative.

Samantha Bazil, Sam’sJi


Sam’s Ji is just what it is if you know Haitian-Creole! In translation, it reads Sam’s Juice, all natural home made with no sugar added freshly made juices by yours truly. From being diagnosed with generalized epilepsy to walking free with no diseases in my body, the cleansing of our bodies never stop!

Just “Do It” like Nike

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