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The truth About Setting New Year’s Resolutions and My Personal Story

Au Revoir 2020, and hello and handsome 2021! Hope you’re not as catfish as 2020. I’m sure most of us would have preferred swipe left on the entire year. But mama ain’t raise no punk, so we'll mourn and move on from that ex. Adios amigo! Yes, I’m corny, love me dammit.

Anyhow, new year and wait for it… Inspired me, lessons learned and applied me, strong and resilient me, chapter 2021 me. The story didn’t stop, it continued, with new characters. Every year on January 1, we set out to be so-called “new us“ that will be a completely new and better version of the “old us“. Your goals may have changed or maybe they are the same, with a new approach, either way, falling back into the same habits just makes you the same you. So rather than focusing on why you have yet to truly accomplish last year’s to-do, you completely ignore that list and start a new one. Of course, you would, new year, new you, new resolutions.

What are resolutions? According to Google who got it from Oxford American dictionary… Resolutions are defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. Which awfully sounds like building habits. Habits although in some ways can be a goal, challenge you to have enough discipline to accomplish your goal. In other words the more you focus on your habits, to do or not do something, the closer you’ll be to accomplishing your goals.

Last year my friends and I went to the beach on New Year’s in an attempt to get closer to nature and set our goals. While we did set certain goals what I personally focus on was habits I wanted to get rid of them in order to finally accomplish the goals I had yet to meet for the fifth year in a row.

Things like focusing on not watching TV but finding helpful books on personal development and business, eventually lead to me to watching little to no Netflix and TV but reading every day and eliminating self-doubt about starting my own business/creating content. I also got into the habit of working out every day, five days a week. This not only helped me lose nearly 23 pounds but your girl also lost boob weight! If you have anything above a C cup you know what I mean.

So what’s all the bragging about JK JK I humbly accept the award for I did that

and you can too!

What worked for me was not just making a list of goals but what habits would stop me from meeting that goal. If you want to lose weight but you are always smoking and getting the munchies your first habit to break is to stop smoking. If you want to start your own business but are afraid that you’ll quit or won’t make it, well sounds like you are afraid of success and failure. Try accomplishing several attainable goals first, you’ll get addicted to finishing, get addicted to finishing! Then take on being a business owner step-by-step. First, get your product, Boom! Accomplished! Then set up a website Boom! Accomplish!

Get in the habit of being someone who stays true to their word. You said you would do it and therefore you did! #That’sOnPowerMoves

Did you know it takes 10,000 hours to master something? Even if you fall off at hour one, start over, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. The person that loses is the one that quits. 2021 is not the end of our journey. We’re simply applying the lessons learned in 2020 to form better habits in 2021. If you pick your habits wisely, you reach your goals. But admit what your bad habits are and find better ones and if you can’t go cold turkey on Mary Jane, consider only doing it socially, and make a plan to stop altogether.

I have a good feeling about this year, but no matter what happens in between, your mindset is your greatest asset. Create habits that will form the best version of yourself every day, from 2021 and beyond. In life, you are either learning or earning. So what have you learned and how do plan to earn? What do Your New Year’s habits and goals look like?

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