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Top 35 Affirmations for Building a Wealthy Mindset

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

How to use positive affirmations to provoke a winning mindset and build wealth

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So you want to be wealthy, perhaps travel the world twice and maybe even build an empire to leave your grandchildren, but you also keep telling yourself...you’re lazy? Well, first things first, it’s time to stop affirming your laziness and rather say “ I am productive”, then get off your ass and be productive! As previously stated your body, mind, and soul are truly yours to control. Speaking negatively about either one, only assures that your situation stays that way. Practicing positive affirmations to replace these ill-mannered behaviors, is a great step towards creating the kind of mindset it takes to be wealthy.

Bullying can have serious impacts on an individual’s mind and body and is even worse when we bully ourselves with our own words. Sooner or later, we start to believe the constant lies and negative affirmations we tell ourselves. Contrary to your beliefs, oftentimes you are not being lazy but perhaps deflecting. Being lazy about accomplishing your goals and dreams is a sign of fear. Because you are fearful, you deflect, thus triggering your weekend-long Netflix marathons, rather than getting started to what truly matters to you. And trust me sis, WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE!

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Overcoming laziness and fear of success requires a total shift in mindset. Life coach, Khaja J. stated, “ S.E.D, Say it, Envision it, and it’s Done!” . It really is that simple! Author of “ Wealth Can’t Wait” and consultant, David Osborn explains this journey of success and shifting your mindset best. He explains “ The truth about wealth is that it’s not a destination it’s a process, the journey to wealth is one of expansion, personal growth, and miracles if you choose to follow it.” If you know what your goals are and what it takes to accomplish them, then why tell yourself otherwise?

Every thought we think is creating our future. --Louis L. Hay

The most common negative affirmation that you say daily is “ I can’t do it.” Nike had it right all along. You CAN do it so JUST DO IT! One of the best ways of shifting this paradigm is to practice positive affirmations and journaling. Practicing daily affirmations in your journal and keeping your mind free of negative affirmations is an essential first step towards accomplishing your goals daily.

First, if you don’t have a journal, get a journal. However, get a journal that inspires you by looking and feeling the most like your style. Next, choose at least 5 of the affirmations listed above and write them down in your brand new journal daily. Once you’ve written them down, repeat these affirmations with conviction until it becomes your reality. The key to practicing affirmations is to practice them daily, using repetition, and with conviction.

To help you get started here are the top 35 positive affirmations you can start using today.

  1. I love myself therefore I practice self-care daily.

  2. I am deserving of success.

  3. I am the next millionaire in my family.

  4. Success is within my reach.

  5. I am successful.

  6. I am proactive, resilient, and intelligent.

  7. I attract positivity and positive energy.

  8. I am confident in my skills.

  9. The world needs my talents and I will provide it.

  10. I am not a victim of generational curses.

  11. Failure is not part of my personality.

  12. I am greater than my fears, they don’t scare me.

  13. My failures do not define me, I do.

  14. I am goal-oriented.

  15. I can get the job done and exceed all expectations of me.

  16. I am prepared to collaborate with my idols today.

  17. I am a leader and lead by example.

  18. No matter what, I accomplish all of my daily goals.

  19. I am choosing wealth and success.

  20. I accept that failure does occur and am excited about the lessons they bring.

  21. I am excited to get started on my journey in personal development and wealth.

  22. I am not fearful, I am courageous.

  23. I always take the first step. And the next.

  24. I tackle my obstacles with audacity and a winning mindset.

  25. I detach myself from my old habits and am creating better ones.

  26. I am at my happiest when I am actively working on my goals.

  27. I am not envious of my friend’s success, mine is coming up next.

  28. I have brilliant and innovative ideas that will change the world.

  29. I am building an empire every day that I accomplish my micro-goals.

  30. I am not afraid of winning, I welcome it with abundance.

  31. My company inspires me because I surround myself with inspiring people.

  32. I am ecstatic about stepping out of my comfort zone because I enjoy a challenge.

  33. Nothing will or no one will stand in the way of me realizing all of my desires.

  34. I attract money and never chase it.

  35. I think positively and only feed my mind, body, and soul positive things.

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One of the affirmations I use daily is that I attract money and never chase it. While practicing this affirmation, I focused more on my goals and less on the money. Suddenly I am receiving numerous amount of opportunities to make money and even more shocking I am getting money all the time from people who don’t even know, oftentimes because I was not thinking about them giving it to me but was being helpful. I can’t wait to hear how you practice your affirmations for a winning mindset. If you are having challenges with this concept or need more guidance let us know by subscribing to Power Room with your comment.

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