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Is Body Hair The New Sexy or Are We Quarantine Crazy

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Let's talk about feminity and the body hair movement plus 5 benefits to not shaving

Yes! You read that right! I’m extremely feminine and don’t mind my body hair. Okay maybe not exactly me, but many celebs and friends of mine enjoy the look and feel of a bushy pit. Isn’t it controversial, it shouldn’t be! The fact is body hair on female and male serve a purpose deeper than the social construct we’ve built around it. Because of these societal beliefs, we’ve far too long associated women shaving their legs and armpits as being part of their feminine essence. However, Ashley Graham, Emily Ratajowski, @queen_esie, and my friend, Samantha Bazil are examples of femininity despite their love for their hairy pits.

Although body hair has always been part of a woman’s body, it wasn’t until 1922 that advertisers saw the opportunity to prey on the insecurity that we now have about our body hair. As these young girls finally hit puberty they also start to notice that they do have body hair and according to the norm, they must shave it. At an age when pimples, boobs, and middle school crushes start to pop up, shaving is just yet another activity young girls feel like they must abide by.

While we battle for the longest weaves and lashes so long we can fly, 93 percent of women according to a researcher, Marika Tiggemann, regularly shave their natural body hair. Many of these women do so because it’s simply a routine that has been passed down from their grandmother to their mothers and from themselves to their children. As a fellow body hair remover myself, I can totally relate. BUT when I look back to high school days and only shaving parts of my legs that showed out of the holes of my long denim jeans, I now realize as many women and brands like Billie has, body hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Most importantly it does not dictate a woman’s level of femininity. Billie is a female-first shave and body brand that's putting an end to the Pink Tax on razors.

Despite the many ads out there encouraging women to shave, far too many of those ads show hairless women shaving. Makes no sense right? Why shave what’s not there at all! Unlike other razors out there, Billie’s whole shindig is to encourage women to embrace the fact that hair is just part of being human and whether or not you decide to say “Fvck Razors” is your decision and no one else’s. Even if you do decide to shave you are not losing anything as they both have their benefits. Here are 5 benefits to not shaving:

You Can Dye the Hair and keep it Trendy

This started out as a simple crazy idea between friends that actually wasn’t so bad of an idea. You can dye your hair and eyebrows so trust me your armpits are no exceptions. It gives you the freedom to express yourself like you would with your hair and provides lowkey a great ice breaker. Your body is an art and one more piece just amplifies it.

Better orgasms??

Yep! you heard right ladies, those curly bundle of joys can actually serve some pleasure in the bedroom, caused by friction that occurs during sex. Why let a significant other’s preferences rob you of something wonderful!

Spend less on razors

With company’s like BILLIE making it affordable for women to shave when they want to, not spending the money at all is a plus in your monthly budget. Especially if you get waxes instead, as that pink tax can really start to add up.

Fewer cuts mean fewer risks of infection

When I first started shaving I got cuts all the time and still carry those scars with me. Depending on where you get these cuts they can be quite damaging to your health. If you don’t treat those nasty cuts properly, you risk getting an infection every time you do shave.

Last but certainly not least...


The bitches of all bumps! If you don’t get razor bumps, well consider yourself lucky! These annoying spots can leave your body irritating and itchy in addition to leaving dark spots on your armpits and bikini area.

The Word in Shaving and The Dating Scene

"I date with the intention of attracting my loved one, someone who adores me for me and wants me to grow, and vice versa. My body hair is here before I date and will most definitely be thereafter because it is apart of who I am. That hair protects my skin and saves me the time of shaving which I did not personally enjoy doing.

I have never had a boyfriend but I did have friends with benefits. I remember one, in particular, I was laid out on my "friend's" bed and as he was looking at me, I asked him if he loved my armpits.

He then proceeded to sniff my armpits and told me he loved them.

So I guess that answers the question to how guys respond to it? I’ve never had a guy told me to shave, and even if I have, I wouldn’t care."-- @samsji.

Here’s the Badass self-care aspect of this, whether or not you decide to keep the bush or trim it, is your choice. The queen you are could care less about the many ways society will put you down by telling you must, or in some parts of the world, must NOT shave. What is important, however, is your confidence trough it all because that’s what femininity is. It’s all about your confidence and how you choose to wear it. And if you are going to leave it then have some fun with it! Why not?! Share it with us and your experience!

And that's on Power Moves!

Hey! Billie is a female-first shave and body brand that's putting an end to the Pink Tax on razors. By spreading the word about The Pink Tax Rebate (no purchases necessary) we get up to a $20 credit to spend on Billie razors and body care. Let's do this!

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