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Quit Your Job, You're Gaining Weight!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

How your Virtual 9 to 5 affects your weight loss journey. 3 tips on how you can stay on track while you work from home.

While in isolation from the rest of the world I noticed that my baby sister, who isn't so little anymore, has gained weight before my eyes . She worked long hours prior to quarantine and with my weird schedule, we rarely saw each other. She was always stressed about her cooperate job, which left her no time for herself and the health goals she's set for herself back in January.

Isolation may have taken off the stress of commuting to work , but it did not take away the terrible eating habits we've developed along the way.

Carrerbuilder.com discovered in a 2014 survey that forty-one percent of U.S employees have seen an increase in weight after starting their new jobs. I mean DUH!

  • You are networking and eating out constantly

  • You work late and therefore eat later

  • You probably stress eat

  • You don't have time to yourself and your weight goals


Don't quit your job...just yet!

While you are home and isolated, here are 3 ways to keep up with your weight loss journey despite the numerous zoom calls.

1.Don't order Out, Order in

Between the tedious chore of going to the grocery store while wearing a mask and actually preparing your own meals in between meetings, it's easier to just order yet another burger and fries meal. But DON'T!

Instead order in and enjoy a delicious meal from a company that delivers fresh, organic and healthy meals such the daily-harvest.com. Their clean and organic meals are easy to prepare so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time being a boss. A healthy boss that is. The best part it is gets delivered right to your door. Plenty of other companies are delivering healthy meals right to your door step. Now you can still order out and save time without the cheap feeling of eating an unhealthy burger.

2. The dog didn't eat your home-work-out!

Okay a little corny but you get my point! While it's Janet's turn to bore you and your coworkers with yet another meeting about numbers, go ahead and pop some squats laptop in hand. (But be careful). You and another bored co-worker can make a great game out of it. For example, 10 squats for every time someone complains about having to wear a mask outside. YIKES! get ready to get toned up!

3. Set 3 daily reminders to relax, meditate and revise your health goals

We are human, we forget , we move on and we get lazy. However our trusty smartphones don't. THANK GOODNESS! There are multiple apps designed to specifically help you lose weight, unwind and meditate. Some apps:

  • Lose it

  • Fastic.Family

  • Calm

  • Headspace: Meditation and Sleep

  • My diet Coach: Weight Loss

Isolation breeds unhealthy eating habits. However there are many ways to be amazingly ready for Summer! These are some ways we've been trying to keep up which one will you try and which one have you tried?

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