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My Broke Friend has a Life Coach

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Having a life coach can tremendously impact our lives and millionaire habits, yet still remains a luxurious experience only few can truly afford .

While enjoying a friend's company on Facetime, as we do during quarantine, she mentions to me that another friend of hers is a life coach and as a matter of fact is her life coach. Many will say that it isn't even necessary since we're both broke college students with really no life altering responsibilities; and what does a life coach even do?

I got a glimpse of what her coaching looks like and I have to say, we ALL could honestly use a life coach now and then.

The hourly rates however can be intimidating, I mean up $100-200 an hour which is something my friend and I know is totally outta pocket. For two aspiring PR professionals who've just been trough a breakup, we definitely deserve a life coach, especially during a pandemic!

Evidently effective for those who suffer from anxiety or those who simply need an extra guidance, the very real fact is having a life coach is a luxury only few can afford. According to the Ladders.com in "3 Reasons successful professionals hire a life coach," hiring a life coach like Oprah, Bill Gates, and Serena Williams can cost up to $1,000 a month. Basically just as much as rent for a studio apartment in Miami. While ninety-nine percent of those interviewed from the article saw significant changes in their personal lives, it doesn't change the fact those in the lower tax bracket who would truly thrive with this service cannot afford to invest in it.

Researchers Wilkinson and Rickett, authors of The Inner Level, explains that unequal societies are more physically sick and more psychologically affected. In other words, living in a society where one is forced to work long hours and live paycheck to paycheck may literally affect this community both mentally and physically. For a hefty price, you can hire a professional like my friend to help heal and set the right goals for the future.

I decided to try out this life coach service myself for the summer. My experience thus far has been absolutely amazing. My life coach was able to walk me trough my goals and also format a plan to actually be able to reach those goals. So far I've read 3 books in a month when prior I read none, prayed daily, lost 10 pounds and started a blog. A lot of it has had to do with me actually wanting to change for myself. It also had to do with the relationship I've built with my coach to be held accountable and focused.

If you cannot afford a life coach, don't get one. It isn't a blueprint to success but it is a service that may definitely improve your confidence, work ethic, help you set goals and achieve them. While the average American makes less than 50 grand a year, many of us will just have to settle for this article.

While taking advantage of having a friend as a life coach, my friend has been able to get organized, work out, and I've seen an outstanding change in her overall mental health and well-being. The undeniable effects of having a life coach may entice those who struggle financially to be their best selves and strive for financial and mental success.

With unemployment rates increasing more and more everyday, having a life coach is like having a 1996 Dom Perignon on a Tuesday.

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