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Is Tik Tok Adulting Funny or Toxic?

Adulting may not be easy, but our cultural mindset about being an adult needs some work.

“Hi my name is Lindsay and I am an adult.” In a classic AA meeting (adult anonymous) you would reply “hi Lindsay“ or something. Yeah, that’s pretty much our entire millennial view on being an adult, its toxic traits, and how mundane it is. And to be clear, the adult I speak of is anyone over the age of 18, whether you live with your parents or not. It makes no difference. So dear millennials listen up! Our mindset on adulting is toxic, PERIOD- as the young ones would say these days. It’s toxic because we internalize a toxic mindset. But don’t worry I will explain.

According to Google who got it in Oxford Languages, adulting is “the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.” Mundane a.k.a. dull and uninteresting. For many people my age, these tasks range from anything that’s not going out to the beach or eating a salmon avocado toast with a Chai tea latte. How else would you have your toast? Hundreds of memes online shamelessly and overdramatically express hatred towards things like getting DF up to go to work and earn money. If you think that’s hard… I digress… but speaking of Memes.

Dear-ish millennials why must you guys embarrass me and make me laugh to this caliber. If you want to give life to anything online, put it in a Tik Tok. They are relatable while being extremely funny. And that is the problem! We relate so much to the “struggle“ we put a name to it and make fun of it. What we don’t realize is how we’ve internalized it so much, it’s no longer a joke but just a coping mechanism for this generation’s irrational fear of growing up.

Here’s the honest truth… You will grow up. You will have been an adult for 68 years of your life. That's 79% of your time wasted laughing miserably when you should be embracing the idea of being an adult. With age comes wisdom, beauty, and opportunity. This kind of new “relatable” comedy hinders the growth mindset in our generation and allows for complacency and sometimes, mediocrity. That’s NOT on Power moves.

So where do we go from here? I must say the jokes are totally funny and sometimes harmless. Pero, what happens when you put your phone away and tackle the real world, that’s what will truly matter. Let’s stop saying things like “the struggle is real “or “paying bills are so ghetto “or “adulting is so hard.“ It can be hard but so is anything worth doing. If we’ve been learning anything from words and thoughts, it's that they can manifest themselves into our daily lives. Therefore, overconsumption of adult meme culture is allowing this generation to deflect and have a negative relationship with being an adult a.k.a. growth.

Self-care manifests itself in the form of thoughts, environments, energy, etc.… Every day that we spend complaining about what it means to be an adult, we are negatively impacting our own thoughts and growth. This generation has gone through and is going through so much already.

Here’s to the new #MillennialSelfcare:

Start attracting a positive relationship with being an adult by consuming content that helps you make “mundane” tasks easier rather than the occasional video about avoiding it altogether for Netflix. It’s hilarious to spend above your credit limit until you can’t afford your dream house!

Spend less time online and more time IRL. The more of your time you spend online, the less time you have to work on yourself. From now and then, put it away. You’ll realize you are not as behind as you think and if you concentrate enough, all of your tasks are easier done than said.

Lastly, practice expressing gratitude rather than complaining or making fun of the situation. Being self-aware will make you more grateful for this journey. It is a gift. Treat it as such and spread the energy around. The more we act like being miserable is funny, the more miserable we will be.

Am I the only one who’s thought about this topic? There are honestly too many jokes about “the struggle” right?!

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