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How To Set Daily Goals and Accomplish Them While You’re Stuck at Home

Being confined at home can discourage you from working on your goals and dreams, ultimately turning you into a couch potato. Believe me, I was once there before and during the quarantine. How did I get off the couch you ask? Well first things first, I took the first steps. Here is a guided method on how you can set goals daily and most importantly accomplish them.

While being confined at home is my favorite hobbies #homebody, having to stay home is just not the same tea. How can you possibly work on your goals when three girls you don’t get along with at dinner are confined with you as well? Not to mention the constant distraction of the news, celebrity gossip, and OOOFF NETFLIX! What? I was not supposed to watch “Outer Banks in one day? OOps!

Productivity coach, Rose Anne Uwague, tells Forbes, “Outside of technical issues, discipline, and overwhelming expectations, are the biggest hindrance to productivity.” And I completely agree. We are focusing less on our progress and more on what, where, and whom we are expected to be, especially during times like these. However, ask yourself, how could your time be best spent and how can you leverage that time without burning out or setting unrealistic expectations.

First and foremost I’d like to personally let you know that you are not alone!

Science determined that 92% of people do not achieve their goals. And why are you not?

  • You’ve set goals that you are not passionate about

Remember just because you made them does not mean you actually want to accomplish them.

  • You are setting unrealistic goals

Anyone can definitely achieve anything they’ve set their minds too. However, your dreams may not be unachievable and unattainable, it may just need planning and timeliness. Timing is absolutely everything.

  • Failing to follow through makes you less motivated to achieve them

By not starting when you’ve said you’d start or do something you’d say you’d do, you and 92 percent of people lose motivation to keep trying thus never achieving them. If being part of the 92 percent scares you as much as it scared me, then take the first step and read the rest of this blog. #seeittrough

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: In order to set your goals, you have to know why you want to achieve them.

Ask yourself how these micro-goals will contribute to your long term goals in the future. Write down why you would like to achieve them and why they are important to you. If you can’t answer this question right away then you may need to dig deeper. If you still can’t, then review the goal because maybe you don’t actually want this for you.

Step 2: Next, it’s a matter of mapping your goals out every day.

You know what you want to accomplish, correct? Why wait until the day of to calendar it out. I prefer to set my daily goals for the week on Sundays. I then wake up to a set of goals to accomplish every day and can get started on them right away. If you wait too long to even write them down, you may procrastinate and not start on them altogether. My tip for you is to write down on a weekly basis what you want to accomplish daily.

Step 3: Evaluate your goals and your timing.

Now take a look at your list of goals for the week and for each day. Think critically about the time it takes to accomplish each task and how long would you like to spend on each item. Your goals are not unrealistic, the timing however might contribute to the overwhelming feeling you sometimes get looking at them. Remember there are 24 hours in a day but you must accomplish your goals during those hours, not tomorrow or next week. Unless absolutely necessary!

Another factor to consider when setting your goals is whether or not you’ve added time for self-care and unwinding. Motivation unfortunately does not last, what can replace motivation however, is the reward. What I do for example is to accomplish my morning goals by 12 pm or 1 pm then I award myself lunch. After achieving all of my morning goals, I can then reward myself to a healthy lunch which helps me reset for the rest of the day. Of course, some tasks take longer than others, therefore, lunch comes later. It’s about disciplining yourself to believe that without work there isn’t and shouldn’t be a reward...just yet.

Lastly remember there are 24 hours in a day and during a quarantine, there’s even more. There’s an infinite amount of time when you’re home and socially distancing. It doesn’t mean you can go sit back, take the wheels off and relax, non, non, mon Frere, au contraire! Keep in mind that with all this time you can choose to wake up earlier to accomplish your goals earlier. Or sleep later and accomplish them later. Whether you accomplish them in the morning or at night is totally up to you, as long as you always get them done.

I GET IT! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, which is why it’s so important to break down your goals. Ask yourself if these goals are your own or are they just placeholders on your list. Rearrange your goals to fit your time and always see them trough! You- got -THIS!

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