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Here's The Real Reason You Cannot Stick to Juicing

Admit it no matter how many times you’ve said “yup this time is the time” you’ve truly never finished a juice cleanse or fitness goal of yours and I know why?

Last year the baddie in me set out to go on a juice cleanse. This unfortunately also begun out when I started working at this “great” face-to-face marketing firm. Long story short, I lasted exactly 2 days. And although I couldn’t finish that, I did succeed at the no meat challenge and even went as far as completing a five-minute plank challenge once. Sounds easy? you try not to eat meat in a Caribbean household and get back to me.

So what’s the point of this long-ass monologue? Well, while I completed the last challenges, I realize key actions I took the first challenge that never allowed me to finish it in the first place. This blog actually is not solely about a juice cleanse but also applies to the many challenges we take on but let a ridiculously minuscule problem stop us from achieving them. Before you go to Sam’s Ji or your nearest RAW juice, here are things that you should probably consider and actions to help you combat them.

You didn’t set out a goal or make a plan

Reliable plants found at 80% of people actually don’t sit down to sit their goals and what they want out of them. The most important part of goal-setting is defining them and strategizing a plan to meet those goals. Juicing, for example, can be quite challenging. Your body is just not used to that kind of rigorous diet just yet. It’s especially important to know and connect with the reasons why you are doing it because trust me the hunger is real. So make a plan, what will you do when you are confronted with hunger or worst that “Bae did you eat yet” text. Oh, don’t we love those LOL!

Your goals were careless

Like many of the friends I have that have tried juicing and quit, they were wildly unreasonable. There is no deadline for a fitness plan, diet, or cleanse, why? Because you said those times for yourself. If you have never done a juice cleanse before, avoid setting unrealistic expectations like juicing for two weeks or more. Yes, you can do anything you set your mind to! But if you try to do something you or your body is not ready for, not only might you quit early, you might also probably get discouraged about achieving the goal altogether. Gradually get into whatever fitness or diet plan you have and take it one step further every time you reach your micro-goal. You’ve juiced twice this week, perfect! I’m proud of you! Now add one more day this week and another next week.

You treat juicing as a chore

Some juices low-key are just gross, so understandably it can feel like a chore rather than a self-care activity you would like to enjoy. how do you combat that? Treat it as a lifestyle. Don’t think of it as something you must do but something you enjoy doing this will allow you to keep an open mind and stay motivated while you just threw though through your wellness journey.

Minor details but major key

Only juice fruits and vegetables you would normally enjoy. This can make a world of a difference in just how long you last on your juicing journey. Not a fan of beets then you might not be as motivated to drink it twice a day. Although, it actually tastes pretty damn fire if I must say so myself. Compile a list of fruits and veggies you just are in love with! The more nutritious the better.

Then you can plan for the week or the month, on how you will incorporate those fruits and veggies into your juice cleanse. Still not motivated enough to keep going, maybe try getting a really cute water bottle or jug. Thank me later!

Like anything else in life,

be confident

As you probably would’ve guessed right about now, 99.99% of everything that you do requires you to be extremely confident. Without being confident in your ability to complete a juice cleanse, you’re most than likely doomed to fail. No one‘s going to believe in you unless you believe in yourself. Your body knows the difference between a confident you and a scared you. When going for a juice cleanse go in with the confidence that you already have this in the bag and this is just another juicy Friday. As they say another day another juice!

Juicing is not easy because if it were then Kylie Jenner would have completed the first time around (no shade Queen). However, the most important part of any journey is to understand that there will be roadblocks. It will definitely not be that easy and therefore you must make a plan, take action, stay consistent, and always look at the end goal. There are many ways to make this fun and they’re definitely ways to keep yourself accountable. Find an accountability partner who will go through this journey with you. Once you’ve been able to complete this journey within the first week, the next few weeks that come afterward will be much easier. However, you only get to the easy part if you go through the hardest parts. If you do decide to try it or try again, let us know how you succeeded or fail this time around so that we can help each other. Power Room is a judgment-free zone so let us know right now @powerroommag on Instagram.

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