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Explaining America’s secret love for narcissists and why you do too!

Uncovering our chilling obsession with the likes of Kanye West and Donald J. Trump.

It’s been a week since former president Donald J. Trump has finally left the White House and many of us are still confused as to how he even got there in the first place. Just like we’re confused about Kanye who obviously loves Kanye, did not in any way get canceled even after the attention-seeking T-Swift incident. Or why you continuously go back to that self-absorbed ex, who sus still really does not care about you.

They all have one thing in common which many times draws us closer and closer to their unapologetic charm. Their narcissistic personality disorder. As entertaining and dangerous the styles of personalities may be on TV, dealing with one IRL can be detrimental to those who fall prey to their selfish behaviors.

In the age of paid self-absorption and self-admiration, a.k.a. social media influence and social media, it can be hard to detect a classic narcissist and who is simply chasing the bag. Healthline defines narcissistic personality disorder or NPD, as a personality disorder for those with grandiose beliefs of themselves and constant craving for admiration and attention. Sounds familiar? These personality types, experts explain, attribute their wealth, beauty, and success to the reason for which they are superior to others and everyone else should in turn willingly give in to their high demands. This kind of personality disorder can often be perceived or should I say deceived, as those individuals being confident. As you will later learn however, that is nothing but the façade. #Catfish

I know you’re probably thinking of a couple people who fit that NPD characteristic. That’s why having diagnosed this individual, your love or attraction to them is irresistible. Like trying to resist cake on your birthday because you’re on a diet…Those are the same reasons why Americans elected our 45th president and why Kanye and Kim continue to trend, perhaps also why you’re still drawn to your NPD Bae or Bestie.

Psychology Today points out that one of the many reasons why people are drawn to the narcissist types are “power, intelligence, good looks, a good sense of humor, charm, liveliness, fun, prestige, and other commonly appealing qualities.” Obviously, these traits can be attributed to just about anyone. The difference is, once you’ve been recruited by a narcissist as their new shiny toy, you have pressuring need to please them. In order to remain the hot toy on the market, your blind or not so blind love for their attractive qualities to you and those around you, make you hang to their every word because you like and some Americans in 2016, are the chosen ones. And as a chosen when you answer to the call Duh! NOT!

Red flags flagging or not, narcissist use their attractive qualities to those that best fit their ego stroked needs. They keep their victims controlled until they no longer can be controlled, at which point, those victims are no longer useful. Loving a narcissist can be extremely hurtful in many cases, people don’t realize just how much of themselves they’ve already lost by wanting to be loved and excepted by a narcissist. Experts revealed that kind of yearning for acceptance can come from the previous absence of love from parents at a younger age. You are chosen by a narcissist because of how you make them look. Once that attraction fades or someone greater serves their purpose comes along, a classic narcissist will act to his or her best self-interest and leave.

Yes, here comes the self-love and self-care sermons. As emphasized in every blog, self-care and self-love are extremely important especially to both avoid and recover from a relationship with a narcissist. Deep understanding and building of a relationship with oneself is super important in order to prevent losing one’s self through constant ego-stroking of their narcissistic partner. It’s important to also realize that the development of a narcissistic personality disorder, comes from deep insecurities covered by the exterior shell of power, monetary means, and beauty. In any case, their motive for how they treat you has nothing to do with you but how they see themselves.

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