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Are You More Productive While Single or in a Relationship?

Updated: Feb 17

According to Science, you might be more likely to succeed if you remain single. But why?

Having dreams of abundance and wealth is one thing, achieving it however is not a happy accident. The truth is it takes work, dedication ,and motivation. Although your success does depend on being single, adopting nine cats, according to science it might make you more productive. I don’t know what about you ladies, but significant changes have been made in my life after a relationship, especially while being single. Should relationship life be put on hold while you chase the bag that is the question? Being Mary Jane, Think Like a Man, the Devil wears Prada, Sex and The City, and even Disney’s Frozen, are all examples of movies and shows where successful and powerful women tend to always find themselves single.

Many shows over the years have used a woman’s success as a prime reason for the reason why she has not found love yet. Not being distracted by the norm of getting married and caring for children made Mary Jane, Lauren, and Elsa focused on their careers and protecting the kingdom. Growing up, my parents as well as strangers, always told me to stay away from men and relationships for as long as I can. They told me to take advantage of the present to prepare for my future. Of course, I initially rolled my eyes (in my head, of course, I’m not crazy!) because well I just thought they didn’t want a little Lindsay Junior dancing around. Although that might have been true, in my own experience as well as literal scientific proof, they might’ve been right. Let’s see why!

While 64% of men recorded to have been more productive in a relationship, according to PR Newswire, it is the exact opposite for women. Yep! probably because we’re too busy providing more motivational, emotional, and physical support. 53% of the women told experts they were less productive in relationships. While their hearts were full of love, goals however were left a little dry, pushing success further and further behind.

Why are we more productive when we are single

So what about being alone makes you more productive and getting closer to the dream lifestyle. Simply put, when you are less stressed, you are more focused. Unlike single life, being in a relationship, the married with kids lifestyle requires constant care for the well-being of others on top of the usual life shenanigans. Rather than going home after your tiresome 9 to 5 job to work on your goals, you’d rather cuddle, or maybe have to take care of the kids because God knows you can’t truly focus with them around. Being single is an endless or temporary place of solitude that allows you to think about yourself and what you want. Doing so also means that you are more likely to go for what you want and take more risks.

The 23rd of the 23 reasons why being single is better according to Psychology Today, is that single people are more resilient. They show resiliency by not just choosing to go after their goals monetarily but also physically. That line in that song about leaving a relationship and getting Beyoncé fine, yeah that’s where that comes from. But if you are in a meaningful and future-oriented relationship, it does not mean you can’t be productive or you can’t achieve your goals.

First, read our blog “ Is You New Bae a Suitable Accountability Partner?” why? Besides the algorithm, it’s also important to note yet again that your partner might not just be as GOAL oriented as you are or motivated and therefore set you back. Finding an individual that suits most if not all your needs is especially important for the goal-oriented you. Just because you’re in a relationship does not mean you can’t have it all. It starts with you, and although it may be harder it is entirely impossible. Because you are possible #ThatsOnPowerMoves. Like my friend Dona pointed out when she FaceTimed me while writing this (thanks Dona),

“your partner is a reflection of yourself.“ Positive attracts positive. Productivity attracts productivity.

You get the point.

I totally get why being single makes you more productive. While single for nearly 2 years prior to my last relationship, I had a 4.0 GPA, a smallish waist, and an extremely productive lifestyle. Of course, that changed while being in a relationship. Rather than getting to know who I am and what I want, making me more productive, I tossed what was once more important to me on the side to focus on other things. While being in a relationship might require some more of your attention, it’s up to you to find a time to practice self-care and find time to be more productive, work out, eat well, work hard, stay motivated, and goal-oriented. And also ensure that prior to being in a relationship you are vetting him or her out to be a supportive and goal-oriented being like yourself.

I’m sure you have some stories! What do you think?
Have you been more productive while you were single or in a relationship?

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