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7 Sunday Activities for More Productive Mondays

Updated: Feb 22

Weekends are so fun sometimes it's hard to get back to a productive mindset. Here's how to enjoy the weekend and still be productive throughout the week.

It’s Friday night, the tits and over squatted hips are all ready to head out of boring zoom meetings and into that new hangout you have you’ve been thinking about all week. Forget all about productivity and responsibilities, you’ve got fun to have and it can’t have itself. Of course with all of the fun that you did have over the weekend how can you possibly get back to the grind on Monday. “Why can’t weekends be longer!!“ you beg. As fun as it would be, they, unfortunately, do end and it’s a ride back to the working. Now that you are past the fun on Friday night to Saturday night, here’s how you can use Sunday to set you up for a productive week and get back to a winning mindset.

Clean up the house and make your Bed.

Clutter is your worst enemy. The relationship between how you feel every day at home is in many ways impacted by the environment you’ve put yourself in. Not to mention not knowing where you put your thesis paper when you are looking for it on Tuesday. Clutter in our personal space has a sneaky way of making us feel lazy, anxious, and unmotivated. Forget about what Laura Jean‘s bedroom looks like and clean your own bed sis! Declutter your closet and your mind.

Wash your hair/skincare

There’s nothing like a beautiful splash of cold water running down from your head to your toe. Taking care of your hair does not just make your hair healthy but also helps you eliminate hours of your time throughout the week, especially to be more productive. To top it off, get some cucumber masks, body scrubs, and a razor. A smooth skin means less make-up, which saves you time and a pound of make-up. Shaving however just ensures you’re ready for any sudden plans throughout the week. But of course, shave responsibly.

Meditate, journal, work out

I honestly don’t understand why we are putting these self-care activities on hold on weekends. Meditating, journaling, and working out are essential self-care activities and with crazy weekends ahead, we need them more than ever. Turning on some soothing music, surrounded by your favorite plants might not sound like the weekend plans promote it on Tik Tok, but the future will thank you for it. Have you been thinking about going to church? There are lots of online Church services that will allow you to connect spiritually while keeping it safe. However you connect spiritually, take the time to connect and reflect.

Meal Prep

There is nothing worse than telling yourself that you will not order out this week but finding yourself with no time to cook and grocery less. It takes just way too long to cook sometimes, and when you only have one hour for lunch or half an hour, you might be tempted to add your card back onto Apple Pay and order out. PERO, avoid falling prey to temptation and make a list of homemade cravings, cook them on Sundays, and store what’s left for the week. This technique not only saves you money but will also save you a lot of time. Want to get creative? Found out some new recipes and make yourself a fun surprise.

Plan out your week

Yes, yes, yes! Make your to-do list on Sunday so that you are ready to attack them on Mondays. Not having a clear plan for Mondays and so on is how you are left in the weekend mode and unproductive. Check your emails, review your schedule and check in with your short-term and long-term goals. How can you use the week ahead to attack these goals? Once you have your goals set up and your plan made write them down and see them tomorrow. You have a little bit of time left this weekend for fun!

SO get out and have fun (but not too much fun!)

It’s still the weekend! Duh! You want to have fun but you also want to keep in mind that you hate Monday hangovers and sleeping during important meetings is just unprofessional of you and not part of your personality. We know you don’t want a sleep talk incident during a work meeting. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your friends without having to jeopardize what could’ve been a week full of opportunities and growth. Enjoy Friday night because you have Saturdays off and maybe even Saturday night for an extra weekend relief. In any case, have fun but not too much fun especially Sunday nights. The point is to not tire yourself out on Sundays to be ready to have a very productive week starting Monday. Then again do you boo!

Head to bed early

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is essential to a productive day. After a full day of taking care of yourself socially, physically, and spiritually give your mind the peace it also deserves. For extra comfort and peace dive into a beautiful satin bed. They not only reduce wrinkles but are just to die for on the body. Thank me leave it later!

After a hard week at work, it can be quite easy to use the weekend as an excuse to call it quits. While you take time to enjoy yourself during the weekend, it’s also important to make sure you maintain a consistent routine throughout.

If success is what you want, take productive breaks, not destructive ones. #ThatsOnPowerMoves.

Your future you will thank you for it.

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