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5 Sexy Workouts That Don’t Require Running

One holiday down and the rest of them to go, staying in shape during the holidays can be hard. Here are 5 sexy workouts that do not require a treadmill.

Let’s face it, most people hate running. And for a while now, specifically 21 years, I too dreaded the thought of hopping on a treadmill, in hopes of finally meeting my ideal weight goal. Au fur a mesure, running grew on me but it’s not always the case for everyone, I know. You get out of breath, you sweat really hard, and if you have anything above a C cup, you often slap your own self in the face. Just cause you’re trying to look your best does not mean you can’t look your best while doing it, but how can you when you are sweating so hard your edges are slipping off? ( I mean you never know your next boo might be right around the corner.)

All jokes aside, working out is obviously not about being seemingly sexy but about staying healthy, getting your heart rate up, and exercising your muscles. Being able to work out, get all of those health benefits, and giving luscious vibes is just icing on the cake (pun absolutely intended). As someone who wanted to be healthy and hated running, I understand the need for some alternatives that will make you feel and look good without spending too much time on cardio. There’s always that one friend That hates running anyways! To get you ready for the holidays ,and finally making those goals you set at the beginning of the year, here are five sexy workout activities you can try today that don’t require running the old 11’s.

You read my mind, twerk classes

I can hear the men rolling your eyes at me right now but don’t knock it till you try it! If you’ve ever seen girls at the club twerk for like 10 minutes and sit down for the rest of the night, well it’s cause a low-key it requires an athlete. According to active.com, you can burn up to 500 cal while twerking in just one hour! So ladies get off the treadmill and get you those Meghan knees.

Pole dancing

Besides being an extremely sexy workout, pole dancing has many physical benefits, including the ability to make you lose lots of weight. In a recent pop sugar article, 25-year-old Edna lost more than 65 pounds in just two years from pole dancing. This sexy workout number 2, definitely demands lots of upper body and core strength in order to flow in and out of the moves. Results?! A rocking body and a great time!

Keep on rolling sexy (OK I’ll stop #Cringe)

It might be the new video aesthetic on Tik Tok but did you know that skating could actually burn up to 600 cal? And it’s definitely more fun than running. Researchers say roller skating can get your heart pumping in well 148 bpm, which means you can have fun, lose weight, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes all at once. Whether you are with friends or with a significant other, rollerskating is a sexy work out we all can enjoy! As long as you don’t fall off it on your face of course🤣

Pilates baby

Susan had it right all along! Pilates is a new sexy. Not only does this workout not require running, but it also improves your sex life, explains womanshealth.com. Practically like yoga it helps stretch and tone your body, through rigorous movements, and of course lots of breath work. Ladies and ‘gents it doesn’t get sexier than this.

F *** the clothes let’s get naked (for yoga of course)

Yeah, maybe you’ve tried goat yoga and Afro yoga before, but let’s get a little less formal and just take it all off. If you are feeling shy, trust me, we understand. Try this out at home first #JudgmentFreeZoneZone. This is the same yoga we are used to but what makes this one different, is that it forces you to face your form in the nude while meditating.

As you know self-care is a practice that is meant to be enjoyable and physical self-care should never be painful. If running is not your thing ( like it wasn’t my thing for so long and so many of my friend’s things), it’s time for you to find new ways to make working out fun again. Those ways can be sexy and not so sexy but most importantly you must enjoy the process in itself and

always do it for you.

The many ideas mentioned above are just a few suggestions, and trust me there are plenty more! You just have to go out there and find them. Which ones you will be trying out today and if you do who will you bring along in your sexy workout journey. Let us know @powerroommag on Instagram.

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