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3 Simple Tricks To Get Your goals Back On Track

Having a setback during the end of year? Trust me I get it! Here are 3 simple tricks to get your goals back on track.

Failures are, fortunately, a part of life. Fortunate? You get to learn, grow, and grow some more. 92% of people fail to meet their goals. This means 92% don’t earn that feeling of accomplishment and growth because they never got to bounce back from the point in which they failed. Can you remember when you stopped working out? Or going after your promotion? Or vlogging? You missed a day of the workout or got too sore, you arrive late at work, missed the deadline, you posted a video that might have have not gotten any views, LOL guilty. Failure is the absence of courage, consistency, and determination.

As long as you live you will always have the opportunity to get back on the treadmill, get that promotion, and continue vlogging. When life bites you hard, here are some ways you can get back up again with 3 simple tricks to get your goals back on track.

Give yourself a break

#Self-care Is not just a hashtag. It’s the truth. The day after you don’t meet your goals or you fell short on them, is the absolute most anxious and challenging self-esteem day ever. You start to question your confidence, your worth, and saying that maybe it was always out of reach. But it is not. Nothing is. Give yourself a break. Spend time finding ways to love yourself so that you don’t spend time instead, hurting yourself with your mind and your words.

Revise your why?

Do you remember why meeting that goal was so important to you? What was the motivation then? How is it different now? If it’s still very important to save up for a new sound system and LLC for your business, then this goal is still relevant. This is just a minor setback for a major comeback #ComingSoon. Write the goal down in a journal, then list the minor strides you've already taken so that you'd be closer to meeting them. List what's left to do and attack.

Cut the goal in half

Right now I’m reading “Give Yourself The Gifts of Done” by John Acuff. In the book, Jon Acuff talks about perfectionism being the end of all goals. Spoiler Alert! It is! He suggested cutting the goal in half. Instead of trying to raise $1,000 this month, try $500. Why? I mean you need $1000, right? Right! Acuff believes that meeting half of your goal, just half, can give you a sense of accomplishment and that you can do it all feeling to meet the entire goal.

Por ejemplo, I said I had to sell three yearly plans at work on Wednesday. Obviously, I can’t do 1.5 plans but I did make the first, then the second, and a little bit later, the third. Actually, I not only met my goal, I was so pumped and excited I sold an additional two! Exactly what Acuff believes will happen and what tons of surveys have shown, happened. Cutting the goal in half makes its entirety attainable and gives you the boost of confidence you need to go above and beyond that goal! I am scared of you... from $1,000 saved to $2,000 next month… That’s on power moves!

Focus on the steps

Focus on ways you can achieve that goal daily and keep track of the steps. Every hour and effort you spent on not eating out is how you you are closer to losing 20 pounds by next year. Every time you say NO to going out on weekends, you are saving for that equipment you need to drop that banger! So put on your sneakers, keep writing, save $.50, and keep the goal alive ALWAYS!

It’s so easy to give up on a goal especially when you don’t know when you have drifted away or falling off just a little bit. But I say to you again, what are your goals and how important are they to you? How can you keep the goal alive? Are you part of the 92% who will not meet [their goals or are you part of the 8% that will?

Lastly, will you let those failures define you? I know I won’t. In the face of obstacles and challenges, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and willingness to go on is our worst adversary. You can’t change the current circumstances, but you can choose how you react to them. And what you do, that’s with defines you. And that’s on power moves!

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