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22 Life lessons These young adults have learned in their 20's

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Power Room readers share with us lessons they've learned in their 20's that have helped shape them.

So my birthday is coming up! (September 7th) Thank you thank you , not all at once people! I’m turning 22! While 2020 has been one the most unexpected year of our lives, we’ve sure learned quite a lot about ourselves. Who we want to be, how to take care of ourselves, and who’s really down to ride and possibly die ?! (lol) We’ve started businesses, got out of relationships, got married, had kids, finished and started college, started grad school, and all while wearing that tedious mask. I could have bombarded you all with the lessons that I’ve learned thus far. But the Power Room is about all of us. There’s strength in numbers. There’s power in wisdom. We gain wisdom through knowledge. And knowledge ...well it’s something we never stop acquiring. I asked all of you in our Power Room Instagram to send me life lessons you'd like to share and of course, you guys came through! Without further ado I present to you--- life lessons Power Roomies worldwide has learned in their twenties:

  1. “ I had to learn that your mindset will change your outcome” @cocaine_kisses_

  2. “My life has always been profoundly shaped by my perfectionism ( an elegant way of saying fear). Decided to overcome it by creating my blog @Femm.elette. I learned not to worry so much about the outcome but to concentrate on the step I was on and try to do this as perfectly as I could when I was doing it. " @femm.elette

  3. “ To Be very conscious of what I’m consuming, reading, drinking, watching, etc. Diet is not just what you eat and does not refer to a weight loss plan, a diet is all that you consume and it’s so important to consume things that will be nutritious both physically and mentally in order to help you grow. Also learned to be more “selfish” with my time and energy, no one is entitled to have access to me, it’s okay if I say no.” @dianaxiris

  4. “Don’t open a credit card too early, if you don’t a job you probably don’ need it.” @_.blvckdivine

  5. “ I’ve learned that we can’t control what others do to us only how to react towards those actions.” @_nicarella_

  6. “To be selfish, always put me first, and to live life to the fullest.” @yosoy.samantha

  7. “To do what’s best for me, even if it means my parents or anyone else won’t be happy with my decision.” @fullofmelanin_

  8. “ Life is just beginning and shouldn’t be rushed. Everyone has their own timeline and everyone has a different calling.” @serenity_rosee

  9. “ There’s still so much more to learn and I don’t have everything figured out yet like I thought I would by the age of 20.” @Sasa_alday

  10. “Don’t kick the beehive that gives you honey.” @ryan_deramus

  1. “God is the answer. Stay Connected.” @Khaja.j

  2. “Take every opportunity and stay consistent.” @queenannesop

  3. “ Enjoy every single second to the fullest don’t wait till the last minute. Enjoy your life.” @lilypad126

  4. “Forgiveness is for you.” @groundurbanminds

  5. “ Don’t let the media discourage you from celebrating what you’ve achieved in the now!” @sashaadoll_

  6. “ To be free means you now have the incredible task of doing something for yourself.” @claudeograms

  7. “Know your place in people’s lives and move accordingly.” @biancadesir

  8. “Not to worry about the little things and enjoy life as much as I can.” @stephaniia

  9. “Don’t rush anything, everything will fall into place the way it should!”@stephaniia

  10. “Focus on your goals and get those degrees out of the way, so that you can enjoy your 30s.”@dope.hair.care

  11. “START a business! It’s much easier than you think.” @luxebarservices

  12. ‘Take the time now to be selfish and do all the new things you’ve always wanted to! The older you get, the less time you’ll have to do what you enjoy because you’ll have to share that time with responsibilities like having a career! So take the dance class now or pick a new hobby while you have free time.” @briexbrie_

What I've learned thus far is the only way to succeed or fail is to try to begin with.

I tried to build a community that empowered women to empower themselves, and that's exactly what is happening! If you want to be in our next blog and share with others your talents, business, self-care tips, and hacks, etc. follow us right now @powerroommag on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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