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13 Fall Self-care Date Ideas You Need To Take Yourself On

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Self-care is all about spending time with you and loving yourself. Here are 13 date ideas you can take yourself on this fall.

It's getting breezy out there (if you don't live in Miami of course) which means Hot Girl Summer is definitely over and cuffing season is around the corner. With The holidays coming up and the sock blocking 'Rona still in our way, it's the perfect time to start a new kind of self-care and date...YOURSELF! I mean you were going to take yourself home anyways,right?

#selfdating is the not so new self-care practice that allows you to go out (yes alone) and figure out your wants, needs, likes and dislikes. You can spend the time enjoying activities your city has to offer, the weird and absolutely weirder things you are into, all by yourself #judgementfree. I know what you are thinking extroverts, "who would I talk to?" And honestly I had the same question. However, if isolation has taught me one thing it's that...well, it sucks! Besides that, spending time alone to reflect on you are as a human being, can truly be instrumental in your journey of self discovery and success.

"self-dating has allowed me to find myself and allow me to find the meaningful things in life I enjoy. It's how I get connected romantically with my energy. It helps me find the confidence to be alone and be comfortable in my own skin.

There's no one to impress but yourself which sometimes is the hardest person to impress.

And to anyone who'd like to try it, I highly recommend taking the time alone to get to know you.

I still don't fully know myself yet, hence why I always make the time for it.

The whole idea of self-dating is to be able to come into terms with who you are to build self-awareness and self-confidence." --- Henrique Jean (expert self-dater)

Any other benefits:

  • You always know who's paying

  • You don't have to compromise on the activity of your choosing

  • You can step all the way out of your comfort zone

  • Boosts your confidence for when you are ready to date other people

When you do decide to stop sliding in DM's this fall or delete that dating app once and for all, here are 13 self-care date ideas you need to start taking yourself on today!

1. Midnight Picnic

Grab a blanket, some candles, your favorite playlist and enjoy a scenic midnight picnic date with you, yourself and you. If you're a creative, don't forget your sketchbook, journal etc.

2. Fall in Love With Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall more than the smell of the great outdoors and over-sized pumpkins. Never carved a pumpkin before? Perfect! No one's around to see you butcher it anyways. Make fun of yourself and have fun!

3. Get a Massage

Getting pampered is always my go to! A full body massage followed by a facial can set your body up for the holidays ahead. (And if you susbcribe to Power Room today, you get a free massage!)

4. Take a Dance Class

In the mood to get a little sexy? Try a a heels dance class or a pole dancing class to work on that flexibility. To make this activity even more fun, try dance classes from different cultures, like Haitian Konpa or even belly dancing. It's also a great way to meet fun strangers in person, while wearing a mask of course.

5. Take a Cooking Class

Since the holidays are coming up, you might need to brush up on your holiday cooking skills but also just get in the holiday mood with some new and fresh fall recipes.

6. Go Roller Skating

The leaves have fallen and the weather is absolutely amazing outside! Taking a casual roll on the beach is not only good for the soul, it's even better on your body. PLUS you can finally practice those vintage Tik Tok moves you've been dying to try.

7. Check out the local art scene

Art is not dead, au contraire, it's very much alive. With so much beauty around, take the time to digest the creativity of the most talented artists in your city.

8. Enjoy a Dive-in Concert

Since we are still on Miss 'Rona's most wanted list, this is one of the safest ways to go out and enjoy live music in the comfort of your own car. Bring some snacks and some slides and chill out!

9. Candle Lit Skin Care Date

Having someone else do all of the work is always a hit. For this date, take care of you and your skin in the comfort of your own home. Gather some natural ingredients, pumpkin spiced candles and African Autumn tea for the perfect romantic date at home.

10. Go to a Street Fair

Normally, this would be the ideal date where couples let loose as they scream from the top of their lungs at the fair. It's even more fun by yourself! Safely enjoy an amusement park this fall and ride the rides you would not dare get on.

11. Get your adrenaline Pumping on The Track

For you adrenaline junkies out there, leave the extra guests at home and try some cool racing activities such as Go-karting, off-roading, monster truck driving Etc.

12. Go Thrift Shopping

It's time to bust out your favorite fall fashion trends and go shopping! Add a little vintage flair to your style for the low low and make your fall collection pop!

13. Treat Yourself to a Fancy Dinner and Poetry

You are special, beautiful/handsome and should always be treated like the queen and king you are. Take yourself out on a dinner date once in a while and enjoy some poetry while you enjoy your moment in solitude.

Self-care is self love! Dating the person that matters the most is how you show them love, AKA again YOU. Of course, you want some fall romance but you won't be ready to love anyone else until you love you. And your journey to self discovery, which will trigger your passions towards success, can not be met if you don't find out who you are.I am extremely excited about all of the possibilities this fall and I know you are too! When you dare try self-dating and trying one of these activities out, tag us and share the love! What other activities can you think of?

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